Three days of Inktober.

It is Inktober… a social media art gathering in which a designated list of prompts is established for each day of the month. I know I won’t do this daily, but here are my first three days worth. There is no rule against sharing something you have already painted/drawn for the prompt, thank goodness, otherwise I would already be down to 1/3 participation!

DAY 1: DREAM – This was one of my first paintings when I began my art journey back in 2021. I had the idea in mind as an illustration for a book of poetry I keep promising myself I will publish. (Another story for another time.) But for the Inktober 2023 challenge, I simply didn’t have time on Oct 1 to paint. I was too busy working on launching this website… one of my birthday commitments this year. Shuffling through my artwork, I came across this early self-portrait. She was hiding out, having awakened from a nightmare.There are still times when I wouldn’t mind crawling under the bed until the storm passes! How about you?

DAY 2: SPIDER – Fast and furiously I painted this at the end of Oct 2, my birthday, just before bed, perhaps not my wisest idea. I didn’t have a nightmare, luckily! But I hated the painting when I went to bed last night. This morning, however, I rather liked it and was proud I had pushed myself, given the 1-hour window I allowed to make it happen. Spiders are not a favorite subject, but wow, when you really look, their bodies are quite intricate, and dare I say it? Beautiful!

DAY 3: PATH – I painted this about two weeks ago, after having read a quote somewhere that had to do with making decisions and taking the steps we can take, then trusting the Universe to take it from there.

This current patch of my life brings that lesson forward every day, particularly with the decisions I must make on behalf of my mother, whose dementia has rendered her a child again.

Though the shoulders of the woman I painted here look strong and upright, mine don’t always feel that way.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings!

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